Meet the Team Heads: Carmi Buen, Lead Quantity Surveyor

T1 takes pride in delivering successful projects for our clients. Lead Quantity Surveyor and Commercial Manager Carmi ensures that all our client’s contracts are rightfully and thoroughly observed. 

After 10 years of industry experience, Carmi boasts of a competitive skillset and impressive knowledge in the field. Carmi is a capable leader with a background in managing contractual and commercial aspects of construction projects. She leads her team in providing commercial management services for large residential developments, industrial plants, office buildings, shopping malls, and many others. She ensures that her team is up-to-date with the latest market data and quantity surveying standards. 

As Lead Quantity Surveyor, Carmi takes a huge part in terms of decision making in the financial aspect of the projects handled by the company. For her, the job is very much similar to the role she takes in real life. “As a professional Quantity Surveyor whose main task is to manage the cost and contract, it is related in my personal life in terms of decisions making,” she shared. 

“As the lead quantity surveyor for T1, I find it most exciting whenever we experience commercial complexities in construction projects, this is where we can find opportunities that may be a benefit our clients’ commercial goals” Carmi said. “Spearheading the whole department, I ensure the performance of the team complies with the Philippine-set standards, along with other internationally-set standards as well.” 

T1 is committed to constant improvement and innovation. “We are continuously improving our systems and services and therefore our quality of our work by having a close working relationship with our clients to ensure a seamless transaction with them,” Carmi shared. 

“I am always delighted whenever we are able to exceed the client’s expectations it in terms of the project’s commercial aspects from outset to completion,” she added. 

Meet the T1 Team Heads: Laurenz Santa Cruz, Design & Build

T1’s Design & Build service is a testament to their commitment to providing a full-service experience to its clients. From interior design, project management, and construction proper, the team is headed by Laurenz Santa Cruz. 

As a licensed architect with extensive field experiencein vertical construction and fit-out projects. She has previously worked on architectural design, quantity surveying, quality assurance and quality control, procurement management, and project management.  
Leading one of the core services team within the company, Laurenz finds the challenges she encounters at work exciting.  

“We often face the challenge of delivering a project within a timeline and a set budget,” she shares. “We focus on interior design principles and engineering efficiencies to align our client’s budget with their business requirements, and then we go all in to deliver their project successfully.” 

Laurenz draws inspiration from her client’s individual characteristics and brand identity when leading a project at hand. “We strive to have an understanding of our client’s business,” she said. “This is why meeting with them and hearing their story is very crucial in delivering a design and build project that is specific for them, and reflects our client’s identity.” 

Overseeing client meetings, design, costing, and construction, Laurenz takes pride in her team. T1 is made up of professionals who give emphasis on collaborative and collective work and take action to achieve a goal and successfully finish a project. 

“One of the most exciting parts of the work for me involved the whole team. I distinctly remember our PM team joined together for a PC installation for one of our clients,” she shares. “We all gathered, unboxed, and set up the computers. It was a simple moment, yet it was very unique and memorable for me as it definitely helped strengthen the bond within our T1 team.” 

The T1 Blueprint 

Laurenz shares what makes T1 different from the others: “T1 believes in the ‘Best Practice and Commitment- Based Approach’. We at T1 hold this principle close to our minds and hearts. We believe that delivering what you had committed to our clients will reflect our understanding of what they value and how we take good care of them.” 

Laurenz reiterates the importance of aligning with the client’s goals and needs. “We are responsible and driven to achieve the same goal with the client as translated to our output,”Laurenz said. “Our work doesn’t end once we have delivered the project,” she added. “We build relationships with our clients because we give them importance. We look to extend our relationship with clients further than what is detailed in our contracts and this reflects T1’s commitment to project excellence that delivers.”

Get Fit: The largest and friendliest all day-everyday access fitness facility in the Philippines is now open

The largest and friendliest all day-everyday access fitness facility in the Philippines is now open in Market! Market!  Get Fit 24/7 is the Gym for EVERY Body. 

True to its vision and mission of servicing everybody—literally and figuratively, Get Fit is open and accessible for 24 hours a day for every single day of the week. Without compromising the quality of the equipment and service of the gym coaches and staff, Get Fit offers low membership rates without hidden fees and charges. 

Driven to serve a wider range of clientele, Get Fit hosts a variety of fitness classes and health programs. Dedicated for weight loss, fat burn, toning, yoga sessions, and dance classes, the company has derived a schedule which members can refer to. These extensive group fitness classes are exclusively offered by Get Fit 24/7 to provide different options they can select for them to achieve their fitness goals. 

A selection of their classes are in partnership with Les Mills, a world-renowned name in the fitness industry. Through their highly acclaimed Bodypump, Bodyjam, and Bodycombat classes, Get Fit 24/7 members will surely reach their body goals the fun and engaging way. Members can choose whichever class or activity they want to attend to per week, which are free to attend.

T1 Project Management was in charge of the Design and Build of this 1,000 sq m space. Get Fit provides a clean, friendly, and non-intimidating environment completing the top-grade equipment and amenities that the members can use to work out and exercise. 

Join one of our classes now! 

To book an appointment and more information, contact: 

Get Fit 24/7 Market! Market! at +63 929 182 7589 

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