T1 Project Management continues to expand their diverse portfolio and regional operations to emerging key locations outside Metro Manila. Focusing on hospitality and corporate builds, Bien Bullicer spearheads the team that handles accounts mainly in Metro Cebu . He oversees the regional operations of T1 in Visayas and Mindanao.

From offices, commercial spaces, and hotel fit-outs and refurbishments, Bien is the one coordinating with the main office located in Manila. Despite the distance, he noted that the experience in leading a regional arm of T1 by himself is challenging yet exciting.

“Though I am based in Cebu, there is still a lot of guidance and learning along the way,” Bien said. “Working closely with our chairman Dan Anderson, and through the help of Dave and John, T1’s expertise is successfully delivered even outside of Metro Manila and to Visayas and Mindanao.”

Project Execellence Despite the Distance

T1 ensures that the regional team delivers the best quality and value of service even outside Luzon. Committed to delivering project excellence regardless of location, Bien ensures that the company’s values and standards are observed and implemented in every project.

“We maintain relationships with our network here to keep us off the ground, but with close communication and alignment with the head office and the rest of the team, we are always in the right direction.”

Bien also takes pride that T1 is always client-centric from conceptualization to handing over of the keys. “We maintain relationships and camaraderie with our clients like no other,” he added.

Beating Heart of T1

When asked about the most challenging part of his job, he shared that he finds managing different kinds of people is most crucial and yet the most essential.

“It’s always about managing people—whether they are contractors, suppliers, consultants, clients or even our own project managers,” he said. “Talking to people and finding out each and everyone’s expectations is crucial in our line of work. This is how you can actually get things done.” Bien attributes the success of T1’s operations to his teammates, which he called the ‘beating heart’ of the company.

“It is always challenging to balance between business and people,” he shared. “Working with them and winning projects are always memorable for me. These makes all things worthwhile.”