T1 takes pride in delivering successful projects for our clients. Lead Quantity Surveyor and Commercial Manager Carmi ensures that all our client’s contracts are rightfully and thoroughly observed. 

After 10 years of industry experience, Carmi boasts of a competitive skillset and impressive knowledge in the field. Carmi is a capable leader with a background in managing contractual and commercial aspects of construction projects. She leads her team in providing commercial management services for large residential developments, industrial plants, office buildings, shopping malls, and many others. She ensures that her team is up-to-date with the latest market data and quantity surveying standards. 

As Lead Quantity Surveyor, Carmi takes a huge part in terms of decision making in the financial aspect of the projects handled by the company. For her, the job is very much similar to the role she takes in real life. “As a professional Quantity Surveyor whose main task is to manage the cost and contract, it is related in my personal life in terms of decisions making,” she shared. 

“As the lead quantity surveyor for T1, I find it most exciting whenever we experience commercial complexities in construction projects, this is where we can find opportunities that may be a benefit our clients’ commercial goals” Carmi said. “Spearheading the whole department, I ensure the performance of the team complies with the Philippine-set standards, along with other internationally-set standards as well.” 

T1 is committed to constant improvement and innovation. “We are continuously improving our systems and services and therefore our quality of our work by having a close working relationship with our clients to ensure a seamless transaction with them,” Carmi shared. 

“I am always delighted whenever we are able to exceed the client’s expectations it in terms of the project’s commercial aspects from outset to completion,” she added.