Design permeates almost every aspect of our lives, most especially in the places we spend most of our time in — our homes and our workplace. The design of a space can have a profound impact on the way you feel, the way you think, and even the way you work. So, if you are looking for an easy way to boost your team’s productivity, one way you might look at is a simple redesign of your office. Is it designed to help your people and your business deliver your services in the best possible way?  

Here are some tips to get you started:  

1. Go for Green 

Plants give life to a dull office space. You do not have to turn your workplace into a botanical garden, but adding a little bit of nature here and there can make wonders to your monochromatic workplace. 

2. Rearrange the layout  

Maybe what you need is not a new set of office furniture, but simply a change in the position of your desks, chairs, and equipment! Small steps like this can give your space a fresh new look and feel. 

3. Choose bright colors  

Give your space that energetic and inspiring atmosphere by splashing bold hues or colorful accents on your walls. Warm colors can make a room feel cozier while cool colors can make your place feel more spacious.  

4. Install new lighting  

Lighting affects your mood. Natural light inspires creativity and boosts energy levels while poor lighting can cause a despondent atmosphere. You can consider installing new light fixtures, adding lamps, or creating ways to invite natural light to brighten up your space. 

5. Hang art and photos  

Another way to inspire creativity among your employees is to expose them to art itself. Try curating art and photos that you can hang on your wall to give a more human aspect to your space.  

6. Upgrade your furnishings  

We have been talking about simple things that you can do to upgrade the look of your office, but you can also check if there are actual big changes that you might need. Upgrade both design and function by replacing your chairs, desks, and other office furniture in your space. 

7. Make things a little personal  

Every business has its own personality and values. Think of ways to communicate the uniqueness of your business by displaying your company branding, putting up your awards, or any sentimental mementos. 

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