The Importance of Pre-construction Planning: How T1 continues providing excellent end-to-end service despite the lockdown

Pre-construction planning, also known as the Planning Stage, is the key element in ensuring a project is successfully delivered. It is at this stage that we forecast and analyze the potential risks and at the same time, a phase where we establish mitigating measures to prevent it.

T1 is committed to providing end-to-end project solutions to our clients. John Fiel Almosara, the company’s General Manager, believes that projects are more successful with a solid pre-construction plan.

“A good pre-construction plan can be achieved with the following,” Almosara said. “It should establish the scope of the project, establish the anticipated budget, and prepare an anticipated project schedule and timeline.”

Whether this is understanding how the logistics shall work on-site, resource planning, or long lead planning, T1 works on a commitment-based approach that identifies target delivery dates and meets deadlines.

Through Construction Project Management, the team integrates daily, weekly, and monthly planning into the wider construction program.

“We engage our construction division early to identify design issues and errors and push through the resolution of the issues before they delay activities on-site,” Almosara said. “We target the Building Services as particular priorities and make the resolution of these issues a priority at a senior level within the team,” he added.

Now that the island of Luzon and some parts of the Philippines are under enhanced community quarantine, majority of businesses shifted to a work from home scheme to continue its operations. For T1, this can be used to your advantage.

“By planning ahead, the success rate of the project is greatly increased,” Almosara said. He believes that businesses and companies can take advantage of the business slowdown and lockdown period to develop their pre-construction planning stage.

“For projects that are still within the early stages, we advise to take this time to complete the procurement of any outstanding contract packages, (materials, equipment, and manpower). This will recover some of the lost time due to the situation, as the awarded package contractors would be able to prepare their preliminary documentation and be ready to start straight away once the quarantine period is lifted,” he explained.

Material and equipment production, similar to most industries, are very much affected. Almosara emphasized the importance of reviewing and reassessment of the procurement schedule given the delay in production. “This will help the client adjust their cash flow disbursement and reorganize their business units as move-in dates will also be affected,” he said.

Almosara also noted the importance of locking down the design during the pre-construction phase. “This will minimize change orders and variation cost during the construction period, which would affect the overall budget. Given the lockdown, it is good to make use of this time to go through the design and close-out the remaining items.”

T One Project Management is well equipped with the right people to help both existing and prospective clients in their projects whatever phase they may be in during the pandemic. Our team of Project Managers has organized project structure and execution plans for our clients as mitigating measures to recover some of the delays due to the quarantine period. ;

“Our in-house Design Team provides design and design management service; T1’s Quantity Surveying Team can help establish the over-all project budget or provide a detailed review of their current project cash flow and how the lockdown would impact this; and finally, our Planning Team provides a Project Timeline that reflects the impact of the lockdown period.”

Backed by our dedicated and highly skilled team, T1 continues providing excellent, full end to end solutions and services to our clients. “We use multiple meeting platforms to make sure we can get on a call and meet with the project team and clients. Each department is working remotely and is equipped with the tools needed to perform their task,” Almosara said.

Meet the T1 Team Heads: Laurenz Santa Cruz, Design & Build

T1’s Design & Build service is a testament to their commitment to providing a full-service experience to its clients. From interior design, project management, and construction proper, the team is headed by Laurenz Santa Cruz. 

As a licensed architect with extensive field experiencein vertical construction and fit-out projects. She has previously worked on architectural design, quantity surveying, quality assurance and quality control, procurement management, and project management.  
Leading one of the core services team within the company, Laurenz finds the challenges she encounters at work exciting.  

“We often face the challenge of delivering a project within a timeline and a set budget,” she shares. “We focus on interior design principles and engineering efficiencies to align our client’s budget with their business requirements, and then we go all in to deliver their project successfully.” 

Laurenz draws inspiration from her client’s individual characteristics and brand identity when leading a project at hand. “We strive to have an understanding of our client’s business,” she said. “This is why meeting with them and hearing their story is very crucial in delivering a design and build project that is specific for them, and reflects our client’s identity.” 

Overseeing client meetings, design, costing, and construction, Laurenz takes pride in her team. T1 is made up of professionals who give emphasis on collaborative and collective work and take action to achieve a goal and successfully finish a project. 

“One of the most exciting parts of the work for me involved the whole team. I distinctly remember our PM team joined together for a PC installation for one of our clients,” she shares. “We all gathered, unboxed, and set up the computers. It was a simple moment, yet it was very unique and memorable for me as it definitely helped strengthen the bond within our T1 team.” 

The T1 Blueprint 

Laurenz shares what makes T1 different from the others: “T1 believes in the ‘Best Practice and Commitment- Based Approach’. We at T1 hold this principle close to our minds and hearts. We believe that delivering what you had committed to our clients will reflect our understanding of what they value and how we take good care of them.” 

Laurenz reiterates the importance of aligning with the client’s goals and needs. “We are responsible and driven to achieve the same goal with the client as translated to our output,”Laurenz said. “Our work doesn’t end once we have delivered the project,” she added. “We build relationships with our clients because we give them importance. We look to extend our relationship with clients further than what is detailed in our contracts and this reflects T1’s commitment to project excellence that delivers.”