Office Fit Out 101: Terms you need to know

Having an office fit out may be overwhelming for many, especially to those who are doing it for the first time. Business owners are often encouraged consider office fit outs as an investment in their company’s growth and success. According to a recent study, 88% of companies believe that office fit outs had a positive impact on employees. Hence, you can say that a successful office fit out can boost the productivity of your employees and improve business.

While many people confuse it with renovation, office fit out refers to the process of making an interior space ready for occupation and use. As a common practice in commercial establishments and real estate, the spaces inside a building are left bare for the occupants to be able to modify it according to their needs and requirements. In essence, office fit outs involve taking an empty space and transforming it to a usable office set up depending on a company’s preference and goals.

Fit out Inclusions

Office fit outs usually include putting up architectural features like different kinds of partitions, window placements, door fittings, plumbing, and ventilation. In contrast to renovation which commonly focuses on the design aspect and revamping the space for aesthetics, fit outs highlight the changes and customization of the space for functionality. Generally, an office fit out takes longer than a simple renovation process.

Different Types of Fit Outs:

Similar with other improvement projects, there are also two types of fit outs depending on its inclusions.

Category A – Functional

Category A is the basic fit out and includes all the processes like electrical and mechanical installations. It also covers suspended ceilings, fire systems and alarms, lighting systems, and air conditioning systems. This produces is a basic functional unit with some utilities such as electrical wirings and plumbing fixtures already in place. This type of fit out also covers internal surface finishes, fitted lights, and blinds.

Usually, a Category A fit out will involve installing features such as:

  • Electrical and Data
  • Raised access floors
  • HVAC systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Toilets

Category B – Aesthetic

Category B covers the final changes and the modifications to help an office transform into a company’s preferred look and design. This type of fit out involves installing features and other systems that were not covered in Category A fit out. Essentially, Category B fit outs cover the aesthetic design fit out phase where the space is made to be more specific to the business’ branding and style.

This phase may involve window treatment, adding furniture, installing the lighting, adding some flooring, partitioning, painting, and branding. Category B fit out highlights the individuality and identity of businesses. Processes in this category should be derived from the company’s culture, work ethics, and team size with the goal of creating a compelling brand image.

Category B fit outs also modify the space further by adding and modifying spaces into private workspaces, reception areas, common rooms, pantry, and meeting rooms. Floor finishes, door installations, and adding of furniture is also included in a category B fit out.

Turnkey Office Fit Out

A turnkey office fit out sometimes also referred to as a design and build fit out is where the developer or tenant of the workspace makes sure that the current build is ready to be occupied. This involves a full and integrated line of service by a contractor to deliver a space from being bare to fully completed. A turnkey office fit out project involves the contractors from the design conceptualization to construction and finally turning over the space to the client ready for use.

Some clients prefer a turnkey office fit out for them to coordinate with a single point person, making the process more concise, efficient, and smoother. This is especially appealing for clients who may not be knowledgeable about the construction process.

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New Year, New Office – Reasons why you should upgrade your office space this 2021

The new year opens a new opportunity for businesses and companies to upgrade their office and work spaces. After recognizing the importance of workplace design, more companies and individuals are paying greater attention to how it impacts the performance, motivation, and morale of its employees.

Still thinking about doing an office upgrade this 2021? Here are some reasons on why you should do it now:

More efficient workplace

Many changes have happened during the pandemic, especially for businesses and companies across the globe. Some have unfortunately reduced workforce, while others need lesser office space after allowing remote work arrangements. In 2021, upgrade your office by making your space more efficient and beneficial for your employees by changing and its layout and maximizing its use for everyone.

Maximize productivity

Improving your office design will also mean maximizing the productivity of your workforce. Studies show that a new workplace design can significantly increase productivity levels, as your employees will feel happier in a more positive environment. It can also be a nice incentive for your employees as they start the new year.

Shifting to Sustainability

Sustainability became one of the trends in 2020 as more businesses learn how it can help in reducing annual energy costs and promote efficiency in the workplace. Experts also say that this trend will most likely continue as many prioritize their health, well-being, and the environment. Moreover, a green and sustainable workplace lead to happier and more productive employees as research show improved morale and mood inside the office.

Upgrading your office towards sustainability can be as simple as improving lighting, utilizing better air filters for improved indoor air quality, and allowing more natural light to enter the workspace.

Promote health and wellbeing

After the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people live, many have become more aware and conscious of their important health and well-being, especially in the work setting. Improving your office can also benefit the physical and mental health of your employees, leading to other benefits for your business.

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